Product Spotlight: Kartri

Perhaps the most underrated piece of equipment is the shower
curtain. A shower curtain can easily make or break the appurtenance of your
bathroom. Much like the curtains hanging in the rooms or lobby, it dresses up a
room and sets a tone. Hotels4Humanity carries a great selection of shower
curtains to choose one, including the brand Kartri. 

Kartri Sales Company has been in the business for a while,
since 1975 in fact. It was established by a couple, Michael and Josephine Goskowski
in Pennsylvania and the business quickly flourished to become a family empire.
Their two daughters, Karen and Tricia, whom the company was named after took up
their parent’s mantel. To this day, Katri is known all over the world for their
products. They specialize in selling to the hospitality sector worldwide but
their products can also be found by average consumers on popular sites such as
Amazon. This company is the expert when it comes to shower curtains but their
company extends beyond that and also offer accessories, bathrobes, bath
slippers, top of the bed products and custom accessories to order.

There’s a reason Kartri’s shower curtains has reached the
success it has. Hotels4Humanity boasts several styles and colors of the brand.
Perhaps an all-time favorite is the extra heavy-duty 10 gauge vinyl Sure
Check Shower Curtains
. The colors are incredibly vibrant and can make any
bathroom pop! From the tranquil color of blush to the harder edge color of smoke
and black, these curtains accomplish style and utility. They are also flame
resistant and self-extinguishable (for if the worst were to happen) as well as “stain resistant, anti-static,
odor resistant, antimicrobial, and economical shower curtains.” Do we need to
say more?

If solid, bold colors are more of your liking then check out
the Dobbie,
polyester shower curtain with sewn eyelets. As best described, “All fabric
shower curtains are constructed with a reinforced triple folded heading, one
and three-eighths inches in width, reinforced with a strip of no tear buckram,
with one-half inch sewn eyelets. Side hems are one-inch width double fold.
Bottom hems are reversed so as not to hinder the flow-off of soap and water.”
This product can also be made to order.

Elegance meets chic in the Vision
Check Sheer
shower curtain. The look is incredibly modern and is made of
100% polyester sheer checkered squares and embedded with a water repellent
coating. This type of curtain complements a wide range of bathroom styles and
could be the perfect touch for your inn’s bathrooms.

Another dear favorite is the 6
Gauge Vintaff
vinyl shower curtain with metal grommets. The colors are
refreshing and perfect for spring and summer. The grommets are rust proof and
no stich or perforation is seen on the curtain. Our favorite is the popping
green color!

If you want some texture to your curtain the Marquise
polyester shower curtain has exactly that. Made out of 100% polyester 150
denier diamond pattern and with water repellent coating, it comes in cream
white and beautiful beige.

This is only sliver of the products Kartri has on
Hotels4Humanity, be sure to visit the entire line
. And if you are interested in their products as a whole, their official
website can be found here.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Hotels4Humanity
blog and be sure to check out our other posts for tips and tricks for


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