The Secrets for Taking Care of Your Luxury Bedding

A cozy looking bed with fresh and cloudy sheets makes up
quite an imagination. After a grueling day at the office, the first thing that
comes up to your mind is your bed. A
luxury setting like this was possible when your bedding accessories were fresh
and new. But now, they might have lost their welcoming charm which guaranteed a
relaxed sleeping time. This is because the softness and the comfort levels can
decrease over time with the increased amount of use.

This might enable you to question the quality of your
bedding products. That’s quite a common misconception regarding most of the
comforters and the pillows. A common way to maintain the fluffiness of your
pillows and comforters is to wash them on a regular basis. This can take up a
lot of time and effort, which can seem like a daunting task for many. The wash
process usually depends on the size of these accessories. For instance, if you
own a king size comforter, it can take up a full day before you are done with
its cleaning.

The process further requires additional rinsing cycles along
to get rid of the moisture that is absorbed by the down pillow. A low heat
setting is also needed in your washer to ensure a successful drying process.
The complete procedure eats up a quarter of your day, which is something you
don’t want to happen. If you attempt to
make changes in the working of the process, your down pillows might ruin very
quickly. This might result in you looking for new luxury bedding quite sooner
than you expected.

What to Do

You can easily avoid such problems if you know the secrets
of taking care of your luxury bedding accessories. Here are a few of them for
you to know about:

  • -Get a new zip cover made up of cotton. You will
    have to shrink the cover to reduce its size.
    This will increase the plumpness of your pillow making it comfier enough
    to use.
  • -You will need to assemble a clean tennis ball, a
    washcloth and your pillows in your washer’s dryer at once. The tennis ball is
    there to fluff up your pillow by making use of the air flow inside. This goes
    on for about 45-60 minutes to remove any loose down in the down pillow.
  • -In case of down comforters, the same process
    takes place with the exemption of a tennis ball.

How to Know Your Pillow’s Bathing Time?

You can easily get to know the washing time for your down
pillows and comforters. Here are a few common signs for you to find out:-

  • -A flat shaped and dull comforter even when
  • -A pillow lacking its usual fluff
  • -An increased amount of down leaking from the
    corners of your pillows. It is in your hair, clothes, bed sheets and other
    surrounding places.

If you have any further queries regarding your bedding
accessories, feel free to contact
Pacific Coast® bedding for the best tips. 


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