The Ultimate Pillow Covers

The pillows in your bedroom are incomplete without the
proper pillow covers. To satisfy your needs, Pacific
Coast® Bedding
introduces a wide range of pillow
protectors. Equipped with hidden zipped covers, these protect your pillows from
stains, fluids and other things, such as body oils, which might leave a
permanent mark on your pillows. 

A pillow protector is quite different from a normal
pillowcase or a pillow sham. Both of these serve different purposes. The
purpose of a pillowcase is to act as a practical cover while the pillow sham is
usually equipped with a trim or extension, mainly used as a decorative cover.

Why Use A Pillow Protector?

The advantages of using pillow protectors will surely change
your perspective, which might lead to you buying a couple of sets of the Pacific Coast® pillow
. Our premium collection of protectors is made from high-quality
materials which include a blend of the finest cotton, gusset and anti-allergic
fabric guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

Spotless Pillows

Our pillow protectors sport multiple layers that offer
sufficient protection from body oils, which can easily pass through the covers
and leave a permanent mark on your pillows. Of course, clean pillows are a much
better sight than dirty pillows; another reason why you should get a pillow

No Bugs!

Bed bugs are something you would undoubtedly like to avoid
when sleeping. The protectors ensure that there is a low probability of bugs
entering your pillows. Pest infestation can lead to a lot of problems such as
common skin allergies and even asthma which might lead to you throwing away
your precious pillows. You can avoid that, thanks to our collection of pillow
protectors which are reliable enough for you to sleep without any worries.

Avoid Allergies

Due to the ability to tackle bug infestation, you can easily
avoid skin allergies and asthma with the help of proper pillow protectors. You
will also be able to avoid irritation and enjoy the most comfortable sleep time
knowing that there are no mites present to create problems for you.

Travel with Pillow Protectors!

There are chances that when you are staying at a hotel,
motel or a guesthouse, you can encounter bed bugs and other things which you
might not expect at all. It is better not to take a risk, and the better option
would be to carry Pacific Coast® best pillow protectors on
your trip. You can avoid dirty pillows which might affect your health in many
ways if you a pillow protector by your side.

Which One to Choose?

The Pacific Coast® pillow protector
collection has a variety of protectors for you to choose from. There are
different designs inspired by different styles made in different sizes to cater
your bedding requirements. You can know more about our collection on our
website, available at reasonable prices.

Here are a few options for you to consider:-

  • -The Pacific Coast® luxury
    pillow protector
    made up of 100% pure cotton is a
    great choice to add a touch of class to your bedroom. It is equipped with a
    hidden zipper and consists of a 600 count.
  • The Gusset
    pillow protector
    made up of 300-thread count and
    100% pure cotton can serve as an ideal cover for your pillows.
  • -The Pacific Coast® Basic
    Pillow Protector
    has a hidden zipper and a 300
    count. It is made up of 100% cotton which signifies its high quality.
  • -The AllerRest® Pillow
    consists of the best 300 thread-count and
    100% pure cotton AllerRest® textile.

Combine our protectors
with our other bedding products for a peaceful sleeping time.


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