Pillow Covers and Pillow Cases

Relaxing Pillowcases for a Peaceful Sleeping Time

Your ideal pillowcases should be soft and comfortable for
your head. After going through the different Pacific
Coast® bedding accessories
such as linens and
pillows, it is time you start looking for pillow covers.
Pillow covers are instrumental in protecting your pillows from dust, dirt, bugs
and dust mites. There is a wide range of covers available in different sizes
and colors, which can easily merge in with your bedroom’s décor.

The Elegant Capture Top Pillow Cases

A pillow covered with a 500-thread count textile made
up of 100% cotton sateen is the perfect representation of the optimum comfort
and luxury you can find in a pillow. You can get these pillows on the Pacific
Coast® Capture Top® Pillowcases, which will
give you the same magnificent feeling you get in our bedding and linen

There are numerous designs and styles available for
your convenience with about six colors to choose from. The colors match up with
the ones present in the Pacific Coast® Best Fit® sheets

The openings present in the pillowcases ensure that you can easily
tuck in your pillows for getting a more polished look for your bedding

Protectors and Covers

Keeping your pillow clean can be quite difficult. Body oils,
fluids, and usual stains can quickly ruin the appearance of your pillows. To
deal with such issues, you should consider giving our special pillow protectors
a shot.

The inclusion of the 305 thread count cotton Barrier Weave® down-proof cloth mixes
perfectly with your pillow giving you an added feeling of comfort- which is a
symbol of all of the Pacific Coast® products. Addition of such
fabric is vital for pillow protection keeping it nice and tidy for longer

The Gusset Pillow Cover

Gusset pillow covers are defined by style and elegance,
which makes them a worthy addition to your bedding accessories. Finding a
gusset pillow cover of your preference can be quite difficult due to different
material and size fit requirements for your pillows. Our special collection of
gusset pillow covers is made up of 300 thread count equipped with 100% pure
cotton which contributes to its coziness.

The gusset line is also made up of our unique Barrier
Weave® down-proof fabric. This fabric keeps your pillow clean
and tidy for a long time as compared to the other pillow covers.

The Big Cozy® Pillow

Consisting of 230-thread count, made up of 100% cotton, this
pillow protector does not disappoint at all. Our trademark Weave® down-proof
textile adds to its reliability and quality making it a worthy addition for
your bedroom. The hidden zipper is also a smart feature to keep the beautiful
looks of the cover unblemished. The cover matches with the Pacific Coast® The
Big Cozy® pillow.

The Allerrest® Pillow Cover

Waking up and finding out that you are a probable
victim of morning allergies is not a good feeling at all. Allergens such as
dust mites can cause such allergies, and they live in your bedding accessories
like your pillows. Once you get the Pacific Coast®AllerRest® pillow
protectors, you will easily be able to deal with such bedding issues.

The collection consists of a 300 count thread fabric
made up of 100% cotton which has the primary purpose of protecting your pillows
from different allergens. The protection barrier does not eliminate the comfort
factor and smoothness brought on by the pillow protector which is something you
should consider having in your bedroom.

If protecting your pillows is the priority, the Pacific
Coast® is all that you need. Our pillow covers last longer than
other covers available in the market. There might be cheaper options for you to
try on but they cannot provide the same level of protection and quality that
you demand, and we provide. Give us a try and get ready to experience the best
bedding products for your house. 


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