Pacific Coast® Feather Company Pillows

Relying on good ol’ hard work and supreme quality, the
Pacific Coast® Feather Company has yet again delivered upon their promise of
utmost comfort with their amazing pillows. Their collection of a feather, down,
and hotel pillows will leave you yearning for a few more hours between the warm

From the bedrooms to hotel rooms, Pacific
Coast® pillows
are everywhere to provide people with the most fabulous
night’s sleep ever.

Feather Pillows

Offering unmatched softness and long-lasting fluffiness,
Pacific Coast®’s feather pillows make for a great addition to every home. An
expert in making the best feeling feather pillows, this brand continues to
provide their loyal customers with a unique sleeping experience. Unlike other
brands, we strive for quality and don’t skimp on the materials so that you can
get a final product that is worth keeping for a long time to come.

They continue to ensure customers that nothing is more
important than their comfort and satisfaction, which is why they offer a
30-night comfort guarantee so that you can try out their product for at least
30 nights before deciding whether it meets your expectations or not. In the
case that it doesn’t, you can just return it for a complete product refund.

They also have a limited warranty for a 5-year period, which
allows you to have your product replaced if it takes up damage.

Optimum Support

Pacific Coast® is an expert in providing comfortable
bedding. This fact explains why they take such great care in giving every
sleeper the best support with their pillows. Available in three different
firmness levels; soft, medium-firm and firm, their pillows cater to different

People who require extra support for their necks prefer the
firm pillows. Conversely, the medium-firmness pillow is suitable for sleepers
who toss and turn in bed. These pillows work perfectly, regardless of the
position you sleep in. As for the highlight, the softest pillows are a prime
standard for people who like to sleep on their stomachs.

They’re Allergy Free

A significant reason why many people prefer to buy synthetic
material-based pillows is due to the fear of having an allergic reaction to
natural materials like feathers and down. However, you can say goodbye to
worrying about allergies to unhygienic materials and dust because Pacific
Coast® pillows are not stuffed until the feathers and down go through a strict
cleaning process.

Both down and feathers are washed for a total of 8 times and
dried each time before repeating a washing cycle. The Hyperclean® process is
critical in making sure that no customers have to deal with any harmful

After this cleaning regimen is complete, the material is
enclosed within a Barrier Weave® wrap made from fabric, 100% cotton. With this
protective layer, you can rest assured that all the feathers will stay in place
so you can sleep without worries.

Matchless Durability

No brand comes close to competing with Pacific Coast®’s
featherbedding, whether the category is comfort or longevity. Their warm and
fluffy featherbedding has a thread count that’s no less than 230 and is covered
with a layer of 100% cotton so you can rest easy without irritation from
synthetic substances.

Comprising the best quality of feathers, Pacific Coast®
pillows can stay in great shape, just as how you bought them, for years after
you originally purchased them. Many of their loyal customers have reported that
despite years of usage and frequent washes, feather pillows stay the same,
making them a great investment.

Hotel Pillows

Many travelers describe staying in a hotel unlike any other.
While some may comment on the pleasant ambiance, delicious food, and exceptional
room service, one thing that everyone would agree on is that the bedding is
outstanding and offers an entirely new sleeping experience.

If you’ve felt something similar, it’s likely because of a
Pacific Coast® hotel pillow. Well, now it’s time to have the same hotel-like
comfort at home with their advanced pillows. These unique hotel pillows
comprise of Hyperclean®-processed feathers and ensconced in luxurious cotton
fabric that will keep you feeling relaxed.

A Touch of Down® Pillow

This unique pillow is unlike any other because of its
distinct composition that consists of many pillows within a single pillow.
Since it provides excellent durability to people sleeping on their side and
back, numerous hotels across the US use these pillows.

Hotel Symmetry® Pillow

Offering the best comfort, the brand came up
with a new design theory, which the pillow resulted as an equal mixture of both
Hyperclean® feathers and Resilia® Feathers. This medium-support pillow is ideal
for users who prefer sleeping in more than one position.


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